Removing gel polish or gel overlays from your nails can be a very time consuming and tiring!

There are 2 options to remove your gel polish:


    E-file can save you a lot of time when it comes to removal or infill of your gel manicure. 

    So here is a quick step by step on how to use your electric file


    Step 1. Select the appropriate drill bit for gel polish removal*. Insert the bit into the hand piece and twist the locking mechanism to secure the drill bit in position. 

    *We recommend using one of the Semilac drill bits:

    Semilac Nail Drill Bit-Carbide Roller Frez 001

    Semilac Milling Cutter Nail Drill Bit-Carbide Cone 002

    Semilac Milling Cutter Nail Drill Bit-Carbide Small Cone 003



    Step 2. Turn on the machine and set the appropriate rotation speed (medium to maximum speed)

    Step 3. Gently remove the product, making sure you don't apply any pressure on the nail. It's always better to leave thin layer on base coat on the nail, so you don't file into the natural nail plate. 

    Step 4. Remove the dust and check if there is any unwanted product left.

    Step 5. Remove the length if needed.