Are you fed up with boring and plain nails every day? Do you dream of fancy patterns and nail designs that your work colleagues will envy?

Then, Semilac Spider Gum is the right product for you and now we have even more colours for you to chose from!

The gel is extremely efficient, and the dense formula resembling gum is easily applied to the surface of the nail. This is a great product for beginners or for those who are afraid of decorating with a brush. Thin and straight lines, or maybe rounded? The choice is yours!


In addition to excising colours (White, Black, Gold and Silver), we have recently added Neon Pink, Red, Green and Yellow! Those will be the perfect complement to the summer manicure. 

Application of this product can't be easier

We suggest applying Spider Gum either with a wooden stick, brush or dotting tool. Last option is most easy and convenient as different tip sizes give more options.

Dip the dotting tool in the selected colour and move it up so that the product moves with the tool. During the application, you can change the shape of the line, create geometric forms or smooth patterns. More gel you take or further you move it away, the thicker or thinner your lines will be.

So why wait? Try Semilac Spider Gel now and share your creations with us on social media!