Ombre or gradient is a beautiful effect when colours transition from one to another. Effect can be created by mixing colours together with a brush, applying with a sponge (air puffing) or airbrush.

This design might seem difficult to create but in reality all you need is few tricks, correct brush and some practice. So prepare your practice tips and lets do a quick ombre tutorial.


Today we will talk about way of creating ombre with a brush.


Step 1. Select colours you will be using. We would suggest to start with two colours and use pastels (similar colours to each other, not too contrast) as it will be more easy for you to mix these colours together. 

Tip - always try to mix from dark into light colour

Step 2. Select brush you will be using. We recommend Semilac Nail Art Ombre Brush No 1 

Step 3. If colour you are using is pastel or neon, apply very thin layer of white colour to help with coverage. If your colours are pigmented enough, skip this step.






Step 4. Apply your colours in parts to the nail. In images below we used combination of  168 Fresh Pistachio and 001 Strong White517 Neon Pink and 168 Fresh Pistachio

Step 5. Use an ombre brush, slowly and gently move from left to right and downwards mixing pigments into each other first. Clean the brush using wipe and cleaner. Do not cure the product. 

Step 6. Repeat Step 5 to achieve a smoother transition between colours and cure.

Tip - Remember that ombre is created with thin layers and sometimes you might need 2+ layers to get good coverage and smooth transition.

Step 7. Once you are happy with effect, apply top coat (it will hide any small imperfections) and cure.


Create your ombre designs and share with us on social media!