Semilac is famous for it's hybrid varnishes, but did you know that brand has also developed it's own make up line?

Semilac Lipsticks

When it comes to shades, the choice of Semilac lipsticks is really big, in addition to this you can choose between matte lipsticks, lip glosses and classic lipsticks. Also, you can match all available shades to your favourite hybrid varnishes and enjoy the perfect duo every day.

Semilac Eyeshadows

When it comes to the eye shadows you can take a look at beaufull eyeshadow palletes or cream eyeshadows. 

Palettes have a very elegant, glossy black package with a small mirror inside.

Perfectly selected colours of each palette allow you to make colourful eye make-up using all shadows or create a separate look with one single colour. 

Semilac cream eye shadows come in 7 different shades, and each of them looks unique. They are closed in black tubes through which you can see the colour shinning. Eyeshadow spread without any problem and after a dozen or so seconds from application - they set. They are a great option for drawing cut crease or can be a nice alternative as a base for another shade.

Semilac Foundation

Perfectly levelling and perfectly covering imperfections, this product provides excellent coverage and outstanding durability, perfect, natural complexion without a masking effect. Foundation comes in elegant glass bottle with a capacity of 30 ml and a dispenser in pump form.

Semilac Blush

And at the end, let's have a look at Semilac blushes.
Despite very good pigmentation, they rub without problems, have a very soft, even silky texture and great durability.

Of course, there are many more products available for you to choose from. So have a look at the make-up section on our website and fall in love with Semilac make-up products!