Gel manicure is one of the most popular methods of nail enhancement. This is a great solution for all busy women who want an impeccable manicure. 

The biggest advantage of gel manicure is it's durability. Comparing to classic nail varnish which lasts for around a week, gel polish can keep your nails in perfect condition for upto 3 weeks.

However, not all of us have time to visit beauty salon or spend hours doing manicure at home. Usually for gel polish manicure you would need to apply base, colour and top coat, curing each layer in the lamp.

The novelty from Semilac can be treated as a building primer for hybrid polish, applying Extend 5in1 as a base. Or we can use all it's properties at the same time - base, colour and top in one, i.e. paint the nails with only one layer of the product! There are definitely at least a few people who will be delighted with this solution!

You can also use this product to strengthen your nails as a overlays gel or even extend the nail plate! How convenient is that? 

We have this product available in 17 colours ranging from classic nude shades to soft pastel colours.

How to use Semilac Extend 5in1 - step by step

Step 1 - Prepare your nails for applying the polish. File your nails into desired shape. Push your cuticles back and remove dead skin from the plate.

Step 2 - Lightly buff your nails and degrease the nail plate with Semilac Nail Cleaner.

Step 3 - Apply layer of Semilac Extend 5in1 in the selected colour directly to the plate - the thickness of the layer depends on the effect you want to achieve. In the case of a nail overlays or extension, a larger amount of the product should be applied.

Step 4 - Cure the varnish in a UV LED lamp. Here are recommended curing times:

UV LED 9 W lamp - 2 x 60 sec
UV LED 24W lamp - 2 x 60 sec.
UV LED 36W lamp - 2 x 30 sec
UV 36 W lamp - 120 sec.

Step 5 - Degrease nails with Semilac Nail Cleaner again to remove the dispersion layer.

Remember! This product is highly pigmented, so the layers applied to the nail should not be too thick.