If you are looking for nail product that will last for several weeks, won't be chipping and will keep your nails strong and protected - hybrid gel manicure is what you need!

In order to get that perfect manicure, you need to follow preparation and application steps. But from time to time we don't get the result we were hoping for...Have you even had problems with gel application? Hybrid that comes off after a week? Flooded cuticle area and gel chipping? 

Let's have a look at some common mistakes in hybrid manicure and way to avoid them

Nail Preparation

Incorrectly prepared nail plate could lead to chips, lifting, nail damage and worse durability overall. You need to remember to remove any dead skin and push cuticle back, mattify your nails with buffer and make sure you dehydrate and clean you nail plate with cleaner. This way you will improve adhesion of the hybrid gel polish to your nail.

Applying Gel Polish in Thick Layers

When gel polish is applied in thick layers there are risks of flooding the cuticle area, products not curing fully, which can cause an allergic reaction over time.

Solution to this problem is simple - apply several thin layers of gel polish, curing each layer separately. This way, it is easier to avoid flooding the cuticles, we have more control over the varnish and we are able to perfectly cure each layer. Result? Beautiful nails and a long-lasting hybrid manicure!

Capping the Free Edge

Did you ever come across situation when after few days gel polish would chip at the corner or edge of your nail? This is very common and can be resolved with one extra step to your manicure routine.

Sealing the free edge of your nails is very important as this little step can help to prevent gel polish from chipping. Capping the edge provides proper protection, which significantly affects the durability of hybrids. 


Another common mistake is not taking care of your nails and cuticles in between your manicures. 

Please avoid long contact with water straight after having your nails done. Washing hands is absolutely fine, however things like washing dishes, soaking hands/nails in the bath, house cleaning is a no-no as this can affect the your manicure. Plus, it's a perfect excuse you have a day to yourself and relax!

Another Tip: Introduce cuticle oil to your daily routine and apply it daily. Cuticle oil helps to prolong your manicure and keep your skin and nails nourished and moisturised.