Girls around the world have gone crazy about sweater manicure! It is true that this trend is already several years old, but only this year is experiencing a real siege.

The pre-Christmas period is the perfect time to experiment with decorations reminiscent of woollen weaves.

Performing such a manicure requires above all precision and a stable hand. And, which is quite obvious, it can be done only with gel polish and using a UV/Led lamp. To make 3D patterns you will need: a polishing block, a wooden stick or probe, a degreaser, cotton pads, a base, colour coat and top coat.

For a sweater manicure you can use any shades although, in my opinion, it looks best in pastel and powder colours. You also don't have to decorate all your nails like that - the pattern can appear only on one, and the rest of the nails can be painted, e.g. silver.

How to make a sweater manicure

  1. Using a polishing block, slightly polish the nail plate.
  2. Apply the base, then two layers of colour, cure every single layer.
  3. Prepare a drop of colour.
  4. Paint the pattern on one nail by applying thicker lines on the plate.
  5. Correct the pattern one or two more times, cure each time - depending on how strong the effect you want to achieve.
  6. Cover the whole with top - remember that after covering with a top, the pattern becomes softer and slightly less visible.