You have dreamed about the makeup that you saw on influencers, but you think that make up it in a few minutes is too difficult or impossible to achieve?

With this palette, you can create a fashionable look with one unique cosmetic,

Do you love browsing make-up on social media and enjoy using Instagram's flawless effects and filters?

Perhaps you would like to try the looks yourself, but amidst the morning race and the enormity of duties, you simply lack time for a completely different makeup routine and look.

As a result, you do basic makeup and rush to work or college thinking that the super makeup you saw online is outwith your reach.

This palette was designed to allow you to create eye-catching and easy-to-do make-up, giving you a filter look in minutes!

The palette has 4 closed eyeshadows with a cream formula, allowing them to be easily combined. These perfectly selected shades feature excellent pigmentation, and a glossy finish in colour: sunny gold, rusty red, glowing white and copper-red.

This colour composition will highlight the beauty in a quick way because the shadows can be applied even with the fingertip.

The stylish palette features a large mirror that will help when applying the shadows, and the shimmering diamonds on the outside of the palette will focus more than just your makeup!