With the New Years resolutions, we hope taking care of your hand and nails is on your list too. Hands are like a business card for women, they speak, before you do.
That is why have created a list of things you must do to maintain your hands keeping them looking youthful and well presented.
1. Use soap with moisturiser - obvious you would say? Most hand soaps dehydrate your hands in order to try and kill all the bacteria so you need to make you don't dry them out, making them look older! (did you know your hands accumulate the most bacteria on your body YIKES).
2. Clean under your nails with nail brush - although you wash your hands regularly (we hope so anyway!) bacteria still accumulates underneath so make sure you scrub a dub dub, especially when wearing nail extensions! 
3. Of course, keeping your nails nicely polished is no brainer! Give them a nice shape and keep them painted, use our wide variety of Gel Polish and forget about chipped nails! (remember it is better to have bare nails than chipped nails).
4.Scrub a dub dub! Duuh! Whether a home-made or bought over the counter Scrub/Polisher - remember to do it at least once a week. 
5. Mask it - yes, quite literally.. once you scrubbed remember to apply a hand mask (yes that is a thing) to keep them nourished and looking young (remember dry hands look older!).
6. Weak nails? No problemo - give them a little rest from manicure and give them a little more intense nourishment by rubbing in vitamin E - will be stronger and healthier in no time. 
7. WEAR GLOVES! No matter how small or little housework you have to do wear the gloves! You will not only prolong your manicure but also make sure you do not dehydrate them.
8. Last but definitely not the least - moisturise daily. 
and here you have...eight easy steps to keep your ''business cards'' looking professional!