Ombre, oh it is you!

Is there anyone here who does not like hybrid nails? We love them!
This time we have painted a neon combination of two intense colours - red and yellow. For this purpose, we used Semilac pollen, which we combined in this phenomenal and well-known ombre method.
The effect of grinding created on the nails an orange colour, which ensures a smooth transition between the colours, and thus the border, two extreme colours, is not visible.

Nails tonsils are the shape that most suits such stylizations. Long nails are the possibility of a perfect manicure that creates a masterpiece! Neon colours are a proposition for every spring and summer day. Full of colours, apart from an interesting shade, it will also add confidence and make you smile! Do not these colours resemble a colourful cocktail drunk on the beach during holidays? Just like that! Have you already drank? It's time to conjure up these beautiful colorful ombre nails to get some more holiday energy!